Vinyl Design Application Instructions

Vinyl Design Application Instructions

  1. Make sure your surface is clean and completely dry.
  2. Mark the center of your surface and the center of your design (on top of the clear top mask) with light pencil or wax pencil. If you trust yourself, just "eyeball" it.
  3. Burnish the clear top mask to your design by rubbing carefully and firmly over each part with a straight, flat tool (popsicle sticks and credit cards work well).
  4. **Peel away the backing paper at a 45o angle. (If your design is large, you may wish to first peel one half and arrange it on your surface before peeling the second half.)
  5. Place your design lightly on your surface, making sure it is positioned correctly before pressing down on it. When it is in position, rub from the center out to the edges to adhere the mask and design to your surface.
  6. Burnish the design under the clear top mask again, this time applying pressure enough to firmly attach the design to your surface.
  7. Carefully peel away the clear top mask at a 45o angle. If you find any part of your design not transferring well, lay that part of the mask back down and burnish again before peeling further. Smooth away and tiny creases or bubbles as you go.
  8. Your design is finished. Enjoy!

If you have applied your design to a piece of wood, you may want to apply a thin coat of clear SPRAY finish (found at any paint or craft store) to protect and seal the wood.

**If you are applying your design to a wall, use masking tape strips on the top edge to position it on the wall. Then, using the tape strips as hinges, flip up your design and carefully peel away the backing paper. Next, burnish the design onto the wall, working from the center out to the edges. Then follow Step 7.

Removal Instructions:

  • When you are ready to remove your design, use your fingernail or a thin, flat instrument to lift a corner of the design, and simply peel away. If it does not remove easily, you may use a blow dryer on the lowest setting to help soften the vinyl.
  • Remember that only removable vinyl will not damage the underlying surface. Permanent vinyl may peel paint off walls and/or leave a residue on the surface.

Other Tips:

  • Your design and your surface temperature should both be above 40o before application.
  • You should wait at least a week after painting a wall to apply any design to it.
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