Design Center

Welcome to Kabrana's Design Center.  Here, you can preview your phrase, change colors and fonts, and choose what type of lettering you'd like.

Choose your own phrase (or pick one from our idea gallery), then follow the 6 easy steps to the right.  Click the preview button each time you change your phrase.  You will also see changes appear in the box as you click on a color or new font.

For font and color preview only.  Actual color may vary slightly from computer display. 
Final cut design will be aligned according to your preference in Step 4.

Have a design in mind that includes more than just a phrase?  Need a monogram, logo, more than one font, or multiple colors?  Please contact us with your design idea and we will be happy to help put it together for you.  Click here to send us the details and we will reply to you with a proof of your design and a quote for total cost.

1. Type your prase below:

preview >>
2. Select a color:

* permanent color only
view with a background color >>
3. Select a font:
4. Text alignment:
5. Type of Vinyl:
Removable (matte)
Permanent (glossy)
6. Select your size:
width: in.    height: in.
(avail width: 1" to 252")
(avail height: 1" to 23")

Design height is measured from the top point of your tallest letter to the bottom point of your lowest letter.  Please keep in mind that not all fonts sit on a straight line.  Certain "handwritten" fonts are more "haphazard" in design.

Type exactly as you would like it cut--capitals & lower case, more than one line, etc.